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Participation Guidelines JAPANESE

Please visit the page on the Akaboo official website that provides circle (publisher group) guidance for more information on circle events.

01. Qualification of Circle (publisher group) participant.

You must be an individual or group of individuals (not a company).
The representative must have completed the 9 years of compulsory education (high school student or older) at the time the desired event is held.

02. Filling out the registration form

【Important points to be aware of before filling out the registration form】
■Each circle (publisher group) can reserve up to two spaces on each registration form.
■Use a black pen only and write your information legibly (forms written with pencil or colored pens are not accepted).
■Photocopies of circle cuts (publisher group profile image) are not accepted. To make photocopies of the registration form, have multiple printouts of your cut (publisher group profile image) ready or physically cut your cut image from another registration form and affix it to the new photocopied form.

1. Circle (publisher group) name
■You can use up to a maximum of single-byte 16 characters or double-byte 32 characters for Circle (publisher group) names.
■Special symbols or characters not included in the JIS code set cannot be accepted.
■Make sure to include the pronunciation of all Chinese characters.

2. Representative name
■The representative must take full responsibility for circle (publisher group) activities or be able to reliably communicate with the responsible party in a timely manner.
■The representative must enter his/her real name. Registrations using pen names are not accepted.

3. Representative date of birth
■The representative must have completed the 9 years of compulsory education at the time the desired event is held.
■Students still in middle or lower level school at the time of the event may not attend the event by themselves. You or your group must be accompanied by at least one person who is at high school-age or older.

4. Representative address
■All mails such as registration cards are sent to the address of the representative. Enter your address correctly starting with the prefecture or other largest delimiter.
■To prevent incorrect deliveries to those living in an apartment, make sure to include your building name.
■Registration forms containing post office boxes cannot be accepted.

5. Representative cellphone number
■Cellphone numbers are required to verify identification when you contact us and for emergency contact purposes. Make sure to enter the number of a cellphone that actually belongs to the representative.
■Enter a normal landline phone number if you do not have a cellphone.

6. Event fee
■Select the desired number of spaces and the number of additional chairs you need.

7. Payment method
■Select your desired payment method.

8. Registration number (if applicable)
■If you have a b2-online payment ID, enter your 10-digit registration number.

9. Description
■Use this description area to layout your space(s). Check the layout genre list before filling this out.
■If your works contain adult contents (R18), select the “Contains R18” check box in the supplementary information area.
■Those planning to participate in "Petit Only" events (smaller, self-contained events focusing on a particular character, duo, or title) should enter the title in the Remarks area. Report your intent to attend Petit Only events to each sponsoring circle (publisher group).
■Organizers may, at their discretion, change your genre layout if the details in your description are insufficient or there are differences between the material you are distributing and the selected genre.

《Parody Genre》
■Select and enter the official name of one main title (the name of the individual or the group for the performing arts genre).
■Select one of the following entry samples A through D and enter the name of the duo or the name of the character. Regardless of your selection, enter only one official name.
A. Duo entry (one pair in one direction only)
 Ex.: 《Name of the seme (top) character》 and 《Name of the uke (bottom) character》 * Valid only for one duo in one direction.
B. Entering the bottom character (only one character)
  Ex.: 《Name of the bottom character》 *Top character cannot be listed.
C. Entering the central character (only one character)
  Ex.: 《Name of the central character》 *Multiple central characters cannot be listed.
D. Entering a main character
 Enter "All Characters" when you do not specify a specific duo or character.

《Creative Genre》
■Do not enter anything into the title area.
■Enter the category in the type of activity area.
■List original anthropomorphizations under the Creative - General genre (including boys' love and anthropomorphized train stories).
■If your works are mainly anthropomorphic, enter the original thing or animal being represented as a person (trains, food, etc.) in the title area. If you have a duo, enter this into the type of activity area.

《History Genre》
■Enter the category (Japanese history, Chinese history, Western history, etc.) into the main title.
■Enter the period (end of Edo Period, Chinese Chunqiu Dynasty, etc.) into the type of activity area, and then enter the official name of the duo or other main character or main group.

《Fashion Genre》
■Enter the type of accessories or other fashion item you offer into the type of activity.
■Registering in the fashion genre requires a two-space entry. One-space registration is not accepted. Group registrations are also limited to four spaces in total; two spaces used by each of the two circles (publisher groups) respectively.
■Registrations under the fashion genre are selected by a lottery. If you are not selected, your payment will be refunded to you by subtracting a handling fee of 600 yen.

《Distributing Promotional Items or Other Goods》
■If you are obviously distributing books rather than promotional items or other goods, you can distribute these goods under the doujinshi (amateur manga publications) distribution genre.
■If you are distributing promotional items and other goods, select your genre in accordance with the following criteria.
■Promotional items and other goods related mainly to parodies
 → Parody promotional items and goods (you can distribute items other than paper-based goods)
■Promotional items and other goods related mainly to original illustrations
 → Creative - General
■Promotional items and other goods related mainly to original accessories and fashion
 → Fashion

10. Items you plan to bring to the day of the event
■Enter all items you plan to have available in your space for distribution (types and quantity of everything including promotional items, other goods, and consignment items).
■We cannot set up your space with items not listed in the area for declaring the items you plan to bring. Enter an approximate quantity when filling out the registration form.
■Indicate if you release the publication of new material.
■Use this area to also enter large appliances used for your display.

11. Circle cuts (publisher group profile images)
■Reduce the size when affixing to the brochure used for the day of the event. Draw your image within the area framed with black borders (Drawings in pencils and colored pens cannot be accepted).
■One cut (publisher group profile image) per registration form. Only one cut (publisher group profile image) can be accepted even if you are registering for two spaces.
■Circle cuts (publisher group profile images) entered on the registration form must be scanned and converted to grayscale data.
■When registering using the online entry service, print images as grayscale data.
■Cuts (publisher group profile images) should not contain contents prohibited for distribution, limited editions, auctions, registered trademarks, or obscene materials.
■You may be asked to edit your cut (publisher group profile image) after you have registered if it is found to be incomplete.

12. Circle (publisher group) names for group registrations (if applicable)
■Circles (publisher groups) that wish to enter events as a group (sitting next to each other at the same table) should enter the partner's circle name in this area.
■Group registrations are limited to two registration forms (1 group). You must mail both registration forms for the two circles (publisher groups) that wish to enter the event as a group together in the same envelope.
■Criteria for entering events as a group include matching details in the description area of the registration forms. If only one of the two circles is distributing content about a duo, priority will be given to the duo arrangement.
 Central character A + Central character A = can form a group
 A×B + A×B = Can form a group
 A×B+C×D = Cannot form a group
 A×B+B×A = Cannot form a group
 A×B+Central character C = Can form a group with the duo given priority

03. Process from payment through to receiving your registration card

【Payment of event fees.】
《List of payment processing fees》
Normal online event registration entries ¥324 Flat online registration fee
Postal remittance - ATM payment ¥80 Japan Post Bank ATM payment made using our remittance form (mail registration)
Postal remittance - walk-in payment ¥130 Japan Post Bank walk-in payment made using our remittance form (mail registration)
Pay-easy (ATM) ¥216 Obtain the Payeasy number for online payment and make payment at any designated ATM (mail registration)
SmartPit (convenience store) ¥216 Obtain the SmartPit number for online payment and make payment at any designated convenience store (mail registration)
Postal money order (purchase of a normal money order) ¥430 Purchase a normal money order at a post office (mail registration)
Direct registration (payment in cash at the event venue) Free of charge You must register at the venue in advance of the event. This cannot be performed on the day of the event.
We terminated the early online registration discount program (excluding special events) on the last day of September, 2013.

《Digital registration》Online Entry
■We recommend the digital online registration service [Online Entry] for those who can create and produce a digital version of their circle cut (publisher group profile image). These registrations do not require a paper registration form.
■We enabled credit card payment options (VISA/MASTER) in November, 2013.

《Postal remittance》ATM payment or walk-in payment
■Enter the necessary information on the Akaboo Communications remittance form. Do not use standard remittance forms available at a post office.
■When making payment directly at a post office, make sure to include the registration certificate (for shipping) in the same envelope with your registration form.
■When making payment by ATM, cut the registration certificate (for shipping) before making payment. Mail your application form together with the registration certificate (for shipping) and the receipt issued from the ATM (copies accepted) in the same envelope.

《Pay-easy》ATM reserved payment
■Obtain the reserved payment number for use with ATMs from Akaboo ONLINE website.
■To pay your event fee, enter the reserved payment number into an ATM at any financial institution supporting Pay-easy payments.
■Fill out the 10-digit registration number obtained from the website into your registration form and then mail the form together with the receipt issued from the ATM.

《SmartPit》 Convenience store reserved payment
■Print a SmartPit sheet from the last screen in the registration process on the Akaboo ONLINE website.
■Pay your event fee at any convenience store. Use the payment processing machine if making payment at Lawson or FamilyMart stores.
■Fill out the 10-digit registration number obtained from the website into your registration form and then mail the form together with the SmartPit receipt.

《Postal money order》
■Purchase a normal money order of an amount equivalent to your event fee at a post office and then mail this together with your registration form.
■Keep your postal money order receipt in case your registration form and money order are lost in the mail.

《Direct registration at the event venue》
■Bring your registrations form with you to the registration office in the Comic City Hall. Event registrations with the payment made after the final deadline are not accepted.

【Mailing address for registration forms】
* Accepted by mail only./ Walk-in application at the office cannot be accepted.
Premier Ichigaya 2F, 27-2 Sakamachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0002
■Registrations must be received no later than the final deadline date.
■Courier, including motorcycle courier services, and package delivery services cannot be accepted. Registrations together with registered letters for sending money cannot be accepted.
■Registration details cannot be changed after we have received your registration form. Check over the details in your registration form before mailing.

【Arrival of your registration confirmation postcard】
Starting the end of September, 2012, registration confirmation postcards are now only sent to those who have registered (mail registration and direct registration). Starting October 1, 2012, account users who have already completed payment of their registration entries can view their registration number on the login HOME page.
*If you have registered for your event entry without logging into the website.*
You can make a telephone inquiry to confirm your registration number. You must inform the agent of the name of the representative and his/her telephone number. (Akaboo Communications Telephone Number: 03-3225-8520)
Mail registrations
■We will send a registration confirmation postcard to the address of the representative to inform you that registration is complete. Confirm the registration details and do not lose this postcard.
■Contact us by telephone immediately if you still have not received the registration confirmation postcard two weeks after you have mailed your registration form.
■If you find any errors in the registration details on the registration confirmation postcard, confirm the 5-digit event number and notify us of the desired correction within 7 days from the final deadline.Use theinformation correction formon the website or contact us by telephone.

【Arrival of your circle (publisher group) registration card】
■We will send a circle (publisher group) registration card to the address of the representative 2-3 weeks before the date of the event.
■The circle (publisher group) registration card is your official documentation to enter the event. Do not lose this registration card as it cannot be reissued.
■Contact us by telephone immediately if you still have not received the registration card on less than 10 days before the event.
■The registration card contains 3 pieces of circle (publisher group) PASS for event entry per space reserved. Transfer and resale of circle (publisher group) PASS is strictly prohibited.
■Circle (publisher group) PASS is valid only during the period for circles to enter and prepare for the event prior to opening. For entry after 11:00, each person will need to have one pamphlet (after 10:30 for events that start at 10:00).。

【Changing the address of the representative】
■If you need to change the address of the representative after completing registration, use the information correction form on the website or fill out the following information on a normal postcard and mail it to us.
 1. Circle (publisher group) name, name of representative, old address, old telephone number
 2. New address of representative and new telephone number
 3. 5-digit event number
 4. Names of all events registered before the address change
■All corresponding circle (publisher group) data will be changed at once when changing the address. Addresses cannot be changed for the particular event. We cannot respond to the repeated changes of address that occur over the course of a short period of time.
■You cannot change your address via the registration form or by telephone. Make sure to follow the change procedure mentioned above as we are unable to respond to inquiries such as a delay in receipt of registration cards.

04. Precautions and prohibited actions

【Submission of sample of your distributed items】
■We may ask you to submit a sample of your items on the day of the event to verify that distribution rules are being observed. Submit a sample in accordance with instructions given by event staff workers. Note that samples will not be returned.

【Material with adult contents (R18)】
■Circles (publisher groups) distributing material with adult content (R18) must label their items with the R18 logo.
■If your items are not labeled with the R18 logo, display the R18 display card that is enclosed with your registration card.
■You must sell your items in person to prevent those under the age of 18 from browsing the material with adult contents. Sale of such items to those under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.
■Make sure to include the name of the responsible publisher in the colophon.
■Distribution of live-action adult contents is strictly prohibited.

【Cases in which your space(s) may not be reserved】
■There are no more available spaces (event sell-outs).
■The final registration deadline has passed.
■The registration is incomplete and could not be accepted.
■The representative is a middle school student or younger (at actual time of the event).
■Not selected in the fashion genre lottery.
■Circles (publisher groups) causing social issues or circles engaged in dispute.
■Circles (publisher groups) which organizers have found have been engaged in prohibited illegal conduct.
■Other reasons as determined by the event organizers.

【Event fee refunds】
■If your space cannot be reserved for any of the reasons mentioned above, we will refund your paid event fee by subtracting a handling fee of 600 yen per event.
■Refunds are in principle processed after the final deadline. Refunds may be processed after the event completes due to scheduling conflicts or the timing at which your registration was received.
■Overpayments cannot be refunded.

【Event sell-outs】
■Reservations will no longer be accepted when the number of reserved spaces exceeds the number of spaces available for the event.
■Once the event is sold out, spaces are assigned in the order in which we received the registrations. Any excess spaces will be assigned to those registrations received on the day of the sell-out as selected by a lottery.

【Overpayments, insufficient payments, and additional chair fees】
■If you have overpaid the event fee and this amount corresponds to the fee for additional chairs, we will change your registration to include the additional chair(s) and apply the overpayment to the additional chair fee.
■If your payment for the event fee is insufficient and this amount corresponds to the fee for additional chairs, we will remove the additional chair(s) from your registration.
■Additional chairs are also available on the day of the event.

■In principle, completed registrations cannot be canceled.
■The organizers may cancel events due to natural disasters or other inevitable accidents. Event fees you paid cannot be refunded in these cases.
■If the organizers decide to cancel the event before the day of the event due to internal circumstances, all fee collected will be refunded by subtracting any expenses incurred up to the timing of the cancellation. Please be aware that we will not be held liable for the damages incurred as a result of a cancellation.

【No admittance of preschool-age children】
■Preschool-age children, whether as circle (publisher group) members or as event visitors, are not allowed to attend events sponsored by Akaboo Communications. Please be aware that elementary school-age or older children may be asked to present identification to verify their age.
■We ask that small children, even if they are of elementary school-age, refrain from attending these events due to the risk of injury caused by crowding or becoming lost and/or being separated from their group. If you must accompany any child, they must also wear a circle (publisher group) PASS.

【Prohibition of resale and transfers】
■The transfer or resale of event spaces for circles (publisher groups) and a circle PASS is strictly prohibited. Circles (publisher groups) found to have conducted illegal activity lose the privilege to attend the event and are not eligible for a refund of the event fee.
■Circles (publisher groups) found to have conducted illegal activity will no longer be able to register for future events under the same representative, address, and telephone number.
■Circle (publisher group) PASS obtained by illegal means is not valid. You will not be allowed to enter the event in this case. Please be aware of this.

【Other prohibited actions】
■Photographing inside the venue (including photo, video, and capturing by media through cellphone).
You are, however, permitted to record media of your circle (publisher group) space during event setup (before the official start of the event).(Starting as of March 15, 2015)
■Drinking and/or smoking inside the event venue. Entering the event while inebriated.
■Cosplay that is inappropriate for the event. Attempting to enter the event in costume. Unauthorized change of clothing inside the event venue.
■Distribution or allowed viewing of adult contents (R18) to those under the age of 18.
■Performances or provision of services that occupy venue space such as handshake and autograph sessions or demonstrations.
■Exhibition or distribution methods that cause inconvenience to neighboring circles (publisher groups).
■Distribution methods that cause unnecessary crowding in your area such as distribution of limited productions.
■Exhibits that may damage tables or cause tables to collapse.
■Actions that may soil or damage venue equipment.
■Preventing function of disaster relief facilities such as by surrounding a pile of cargo within 2-meters in diameter.
■Bringing in animals or dangerous items.
■Other actions determined by organizers to be dangerous or that cause inconvenience to others.
■If any of these actions are discovered, or you do not comply with organizer instructions, you may be immediately removed from the event and/or not allowed to attend future events.

【Banned items】
■Indecent images or items. Material containing images of sexual organs or depicting sexual activity without being properly edited.
■Material that may infringe on the rights of others. Plagiarized materials. Unauthorized use of registered trademarks. Parodies of works explicitly prohibited by the holders of the copyright. Material that may violate privacy rights regarding photos, or human rights.
■Possession, manufacture, or distribution of illegal items.
■Other inappropriate items as determined by organizers.
■If you are discovered to be carrying any of these items, or you do not comply with organizer instructions, you may be immediately removed from the event and/or not allowed to attend future events.

【Items prohibited from display and distribution】
■Products other than self-published publications (commercial publications or products).
■Used books or used doujinshi (amateur manga publications).
■Food (sweets, teas, beverages, etc.)
You may, however, distribute individually-packaged sweets (candies, chocolates, baked sweets, etc.) commercially available for free.
■Cosmetics applied directly to the skin (perfume, soap, lotion, etc.). You may, however, distribute self-prepared items labeled by manufacturers indicating approval as a cosmetics reseller.
■Tickets, including complimentary tickets, for various events.
■Printable and original vouchers (stamps, gift certificates, etc.)
■Live-action adult materials (photo, video, DVD, etc.)
■Other inappropriate items as determined by the organizers.
■Advertising or promoting these items inside the event venue is also prohibited.
■If you are found to be distributing any of these items, you may be prohibited from further distribution of all items. All items may be confiscated until the end of the event. If you do not comply with organizer instructions, you may be immediately removed from the event and/or not allowed to attend future events.

Personal Information Privacy Policy

KEI Corporation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the Company or we) has established the following privacy policy to ensure the proper handling and protection of personal information of people who attend circle (publisher group) events and use our services (hereinafter, customers). Use caution when providing your information to the Company. Those who are under 20 must obtain consent from their parent or guardian before providing us with their personal information.

■Processing of personal information …
In accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Company has assigned a responsible administrator as well as responsible members in each department to securely and appropriately manage customer personal information. As part of our efforts to protect personal information, we have also established measures to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, and divulgence of personal information.
If the Company contracts a third party to handle a portion of or all of the customers’ personal information, the Company shall monitor the third party appropriately and as necessary to ensure that personal information is handled and securely managed by the third party. The Company shall implement immediate corrective action against contingencies.

■Collecting personal information …
The Company collects the following information from customers via mail registrations, WEB-based registrations, and telephone conversations in order to organize events and sell and provide mail-based and WEB-based services.
(1)Information directly provided by customers
・Circle (publisher group) name, name, pen name, address, telephone number, gender, date of birth, email address, WEB-based service ID and URL, and bank account information
(2)Information automatically collected and stored when customers access our WEB site
・IP address of a customer's computer or information that identifies mobile terminals
・Type of browser, OS and version, platform, and other mobile device information
・URLs of visited pages, date of visit, displayed or searched contents, and COOKIE information
(3)Notification is given when information other than mentioned above is collected for specific services at the time of using the particular service.

■Terms of use regarding personal information …
Customers must give prior consent to the following conditions in order to use our services.
(1)Personal information we have collected is used to provide services for the specific individual identified by this information. These services include the registration of 【Circle (publisher group) events and other mail-based and WEB-based services】.
(2)We use registration and usage history for the management and provision of the services listed above and to assist in customer inquiries.
(3)The Company may send emails or mailed items providing information on services as a part of our advertising or marketing activities.
(4)The company may use this information as source data during planning and development or to improve our services. The information used in this manner is statistical data will be modified to the extent that individual customers cannot be identified.

■Viewing and modifying personal information …
If you wish to view or modify your personal information, the Company shall respond to your request in a timely manner after receiving an official request from the customer.
This does not apply in the event that the Company is not required by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other applicable laws to disclose or modify such information.

■Suspension of use of personal information …
In accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Company shall immediately suspend use of customer personal information and notify the customer of this suspension if the customer requests that use of such information be suspended due to inappropriate use of personal information outside the scope of the disclosed terms of use or if such information was obtained through deceit or other illegal means.
This does not apply in the event that the Company is not required by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other applicable laws to modify such information. Information that must be stored as stipulated by laws and regulations cannot be deleted or destroyed.

■Providing personal information to third parties …
The Company shall not handle or manage personal information beyond the scope of the terms of use without the consent from the customer, unless otherwise permitted by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other related laws. This does not apply to the following circumstances.
(1)When obtaining consent is difficult and there is an immediate need to use such information for the purpose of protecting human life, preventing injury, or protecting property.
(2)When obtaining consent is difficult and there is an immediate need to use such information for the purpose of improving public health and promote the healthy development of children.BR> (3)When there is a need to cooperate with affairs conducted by the national government and the local governments, or entrusted parties thereof, and obtaining consent from the individual may impede on the execution of such affairs.
(4)When the customer conducts activity deemed illegal, in violation of these terms of use, or in violation of the precautions and prohibited actions individually disclosed thereto when using the services provided by the Company or a contracted third party, and there is a need by the Company or the third party to protect its rights, property, or services.

■Updates to this Privacy Policy …
This policy may be updated from time to time at our discretion. Users shall give consent to the new terms of use at the timing when our services are continuously used after the updates have taken affect. The Company shall notify customers and users of changes to this policy via its website or in other specific manner.

■Applicable laws …
The Company complies with Japanese laws regarding the handling of personal information we have collected and other laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

【Established April 1, 2005】
【Revised May 1, 2014】